springtime pest control

When the weather warms up after winter, insects and other pests begin to wake up from dormancy and start to breed. And as San Antonio residents know all too well, pests can breed very quickly! Before you know it, your home could be playing host to creatures like ants, roaches, spiders and flies.

The good news is, the technicians at Apple Pest Control are here to help. We are equipped and ready to spray your home for pests. Protect your house throughout the season by relying on professional pest prevention from a top-quality team. Reach out to us today when you want the best pest control in Helotes, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Common Springtime Pests

During the spring, insects and vermin begin to leave their nests and colonies in search of food and mates. You may begin seeing signs of pests in your home as the weather warms up. The top five indoor pests that South-Central Texans have to deal with are:

  • Cockroaches
  • Scorpions
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Ants

Our team of trained technicians can handle all types of infestations. If you suspect your home has pests, reach out to us today.

Benefits of Spring Pest Control

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid a pest infestation in your home. While you may think seeing one or two bugs is no big deal, remember that pests can populate quickly. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling your service with Apple Pest Control:

  • Avoid illness and injury from stings and pest contaminants
  • Dependable and professional technicians
  • Organic pest control options
  • Chemical-free weep hole installation
  • Nearly 40 years of reliable, family-owned service

When you choose Apple Pest Control for your pest prevention services, you can be confident that we’ll eliminate your problem quickly and efficiently. Contact our team with questions or to schedule your service.

Trusted San Antonio Bug Repellant

At Apple Pest Control, we recommend getting a head start against unwelcome household visitors in the spring. Right after winter, nests and colonies have not fully woken up or had a population explosion. Take preemptive action against pests by scheduling your services in the spring.

While insects and vermin can invade your space throughout the year, springtime is the best time to fight back. We offer a full range of chemical and organic pest control options to solve any pest problem. Stay comfortable in your home knowing you’ve put your trust in pest prevention professionals.

Reliable Pest Control Tips

In addition to professional pest treatment in the spring, you can take other actions throughout the year. Prevent pests in your home by routinely inspecting your window and door frames for gaps and damage. Repair any holes and cracks that could become entryways for unwanted visitors.

Spraying chemicals in and around your home is not always an ideal solution – there are other ways to deter pests. For instance, make sure your air ducts are clean and undamaged and limit standing water in your yard. Rodents and other pests can enter your home through damaged AC systems and standing water is a mosquito breeding ground. Rely on our team to eliminate the source of pests and keep your home vermin and insect-free season after season.

Banish Pests with Apple Pest Control

For the pest prevention more San Antonio residents rely on, you need Apple Pest Control. To get ahead of an infestation or to banish household pests for good, schedule your appointment with us. Contact us today!