From cleaning supplies to meal ingredients, opting for organic options is on the rise. Natural, green options are even available to help keep pests out of your home and yard. Whether you’re a pet owner, a parent or just want to lower your carbon footprint, there are plenty of reasons to consider switching to organic pest control.

Lessen Your Carbon Footprint
On a large scale, pesticides used in farming emit greenhouse gases that can contribute negatively to climate change. This knowledge has led many to adopt alternative and environmentally friendly farming practices. Whether you’re a member of the industrial agriculture world or growing the perfect peppers in your backyard, green pest control options are available to help you lessen your carbon footprint.

Strategic Pest Control
Instead of an all-encompassing product, organic pest control options are targeted to repel and eliminate the specific pests that are troubling you. Our pest control technicians are highly experienced and familiar with the behaviors of local pests. A custom combination of natural solutions can force pests out and keep them from returning.

Essential Oils
In addition to organic pest control solutions, you can perform routine maintenance with the right essential oils. These natural extracts can be organic pest repellants when used properly. Call today to learn more about organic pest control and essential oil pest control solutions for your home to eliminate common house bugs.