Bugs in movies

If you were to pause and think about how many bugs are in show business, you would realize that you made the wrong career choice and start Googling “insect talent agent.” Whether it’s as your conscience personified or as your phobia relived, insects find a way to make it onto the silver screen. Below, we’ve made a list of films with the most memorable insects for you to enjoy.

movies with bugs

“James and the Giant Peach” – When you combine the twisted brilliance of Tim Burton and Roald Dahl, things are bound to get creepy. The group of insects that James befriends when he transforms from human to clay figure are what make the movie what it is. No one could ever forget the scene where Mr. Centipede gets captured by pirates and is stretched passed human/insect capacity. My joints ache just by thinking about it.

Spider removal

Scarab Beetles from “The Mummy” – Anyone and everyone’s nightmares come to life when the incredibly fast beetles crawl under the skin of the people in the movie. I think after this film was released, travel reservations to Egypt plummeted due to the public’s fear of these beetles’ existence. *Shudders*

a bug's life

Essentially any character in “A Bug’s Life” – An ant that invents a hang glider and a telescopes, a gluttonous German caterpillar and a gender-confused ladybug with a temper. What more could you need from a Disney movie?


The tarantula from “Home Alone” – This insect helped save Kevin McAlister’s life, for crying out loud! He deserves the Noble Peace Prize! Hero or not, I wouldn’t want him crawling on my face.

charlotte's webb

Charlotte from “Charlotte’s Web” – Charlotte is the only spider that I’ve mourned the death of – real or fiction. She taught Wilber – who was completely obnoxious – how to love himself. She showed him how to make the best of each day rather than wallow in the sad truth of his imminent death. She was “some spider.” Rest in peace, Charlotte. Rest in peace.