How to keep scorpions out of your house

No one can deny that scorpions are one of the scariest bugs out there. Between the weird crab-like pinchers and the barbed tail, it is no wonder scorpions are scary-looking enough to inspire giant scorpion monsters in SyFy original movies. As fun (or dumb) as it might be to watch scorpions used as plot devices in movies, getting stung by one of these prehistoric creatures can be quite painful. They are venomous – and though scorpion-caused deaths are rare, they can be dangerous to small children. Here are some ways to protect your family from scorpions.

Seal up your home

The first thing you should do is make sure your home is sealed properly. Search the perimeter of your house for tiny holes or gaps. Use caulk to fill in any holes you may find. It also wouldn’t hurt to replace the weather stripping on your front and back doors. As an added bonus, sealing up your home will prevent any other bugs or insects from entering your home, and it can even lower your electric bill.

Add a pinch of cinnamon

As funny as it sounds, cinnamon is a natural deterrent to scorpions. If you just sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon around your windows and baseboards, scorpions will have a harder time getting in. Don’t worry if you have pets. According to the ASPCA, cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs and cats. Just make sure you don’t put down cinnamon sugar because that will attract all kinds of other bugs and insects.

Go through clothing items and bed sheets

Before you and your kids go to bed, make sure you go through the bed sheets. That’s a popular hiding place for scorpions. While you’re at it, don’t leave piles of clothing on the floor, either. Before you put shoes on, make sure you won’t find any surprises in there. These little guys can get just about anywhere, and trust us, you don’t want to be stung when you’re just trying to go to bed.

Get rid of other bugs and insects

As if scorpions weren’t scary enough, they eat other bugs and insects like roaches and ants. If you have a scorpion problem, you likely also have a roach or an ant problem. Make sure you don’t have any other infestations before you tackle the scorpion problem.

Professional scorpion control

If scorpions continue to get into your home, consider getting the pest control experts from Apple Pest Control to come help you with your scorpion removal needs.