Essential Oils

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is often harder than it seems. How do you buy a gift that’s both thoughtful and useful? We know how you feel – what you are looking for is essential oils. These trendy, little bottles contain oils that are additives to a diffuser. They release aromas that smell great and are also good for you! Even better, they’re affordable! Some go for as low as $5.
Essential oils can make a great gift because they have a personal touch that can cater to different people! Here are some great essential oils that could be given as a holiday gift, as well as keep pests away.


The lavender oil helps with sleep. The calming aroma has been proven to help with insomnia. Give this to a friend who cannot ever seem to sleep in or just needs a good night’s sleep. This is great for moms who haven’t slept well in years!


Eucalyptus helps break up congestion. It actually has multiple uses. It controls breathing and can help clear up cold sores. Also, put your diffuser outside, and it can keep common house bugs away. You’ll notice the number of mosquitoes buzzing around your home dwindle down. Take a look at our best tips for keeping mosquitoes away to learn more on organic mosquito repellent.


The peppermint oil helps with headaches and stomach aches. We all have sympathy for the awful headaches that come after work. This stress reliever will be greatly appreciated by any friend. Also, peppermint is perfectly seasonal!
There are dozens of different types of essential oils! There are oils that can help with multiple problems. Some oils do not even need to be diffused. Some can be applied topically, which can help with aches under the skin or help you focus. If not helping with stress or health, they are a relaxing gift that is fun to have!