Best Bug Costumes for Halloween with Apple Pest Control

What do the sisters from Frozen, Batman and cats all have in common? They are all overdone Halloween costumes. Be different this year! I know what you are probably thinking, who has time to make an extravagant costume? Have no fear, we have some quick and easy ideas for your kids and yourself to make this Halloween and look great wearing!


Photo Credit: Yesterday on Tuesday

Lady Bug
The lady bug is cute and easy. All you need for this last-minute costume is a red shirt and some black construction paper. It is as simple as it seems. Cut out your dots and tape them to the shirt. You can step this up by adding pipe cleaner antennas on a headband. The folks at Yesterday on Tuesday have a great tutorial for this!


Couples Butterfly Catcher
Date costumes can be awkward, and sometimes it’s hard to be unique! This costume can be as easy as finding a pair of wings and a big net. But if you want to stand out, go all out! Props are the key to making this costume great.


Bug Headband
This is the best costume for extreme last minute. Cut out three pairs of different sized circles. Layer them to make the bug eyes. Cut out a strip to fit around your head and simply glue the eyes on and add the antennas.

Spider Bun
This is perfect for office parties and school dress-up days. This doesn’t require all the extra fluff – throw your hair in a bun, stick in some pipe cleaners and you are ready to go! Check out the great tutorial by SweetHearts Hair Design!


Photo Credit: Karen Cline of Pretty Simple Productions for Oh Happy Day

Our last idea is the snail. This is a costume that you aren’t going to see at every party. This does require material, but it can be substituted with things found the house. The shell could be made out of paper, blankets or even a sleeping bag. The best costumes are the ones where you get creative! Here’s a great tutorial from Oh Happy Day!