beneficial pests

Not all pests are actually pests. Some act as a free extermination system. While some of these animals and insects may not seem ideal to have around, they do have some benefits. Here are some common pests in Texas that are actually beneficial.


San Antonio is home to the Bracken Cave, which houses about 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats. While bats are not ideal inside of your home, they help a lot outside. Bats are predators to a common insect in Texas – mosquitoes. Not only do they help with insect problems, but they also pollinate. In fact, some plants depend on pollination from bats.


You can count on possums to handle bigger pests. Their versatile diet consists of cockroaches, snails, rats and even snakes. They have a serum protein in their blood that is resistant to venomous snakes, such as rattlesnakes. Possums are great for gardeners because they ingest a lot of pests that harm fruits and vegetables.

Ladybird Beetle

Also known as a ladybug, these insects help on a smaller scale. Not only do they eat pests like mealybugs and elm-leaf beetles, but they also eat their eggs, as well. Having them eat the eggs will prevent the infestation from growing. They also have the help of their larvae, which eat the same diet as their parents.

Praying Mantis

Having even just one praying mantis around your house can do the trick when getting rid of insects. All insects are on the menu, even other praying mantis. They are patient and wait for their prey. As long as you have insects, these guys are here to stay.


Just like a praying mantis, spiders are not picky eaters. They eat most things that end up on their web. Spiders can make shelter inside but often will try not to make contact with you. They are also helpful in reducing the spread of diseases and pests in the home and garden.
While these pests can be helpful, it is important for them to not overstay their welcome! Contact Apple Pest Control when you think that time has come.