pest control myths

Myths about pests and pest control have circulated around homeownership for years. You’ve likely heard your fair share, too. These myths include bed bugs targeting dirty homes, or you should set cheese out to catch mice.

Some myths about pests may be well-intentioned advice, but they are rarely rooted in fact. More often, these myths can be easily disproved. Use this guide from Apple Pest Control to learn facts about pests and pest control!

Myth 1: Clean Homes Don’t Have Bugs

It makes little difference to pests whether your house is clean or not. Insects and other vermin enter your home in search of food and shelter, not the ambiance.

A clean home is as susceptible to pests as a dirty one. The key to keeping these unwelcome visitors out is barring their entry. Seal all cracks, leaks and holes that lead into your home to keep pests out.

Myth 2: Mosquitoes Only Come Out at Night

Despite their blood-sucking nature, mosquitoes are not vampires. Sunlight does not deter a mosquito from using you for a midday meal. Rather, the key to banishing these pests lies in their breeding ground.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so to keep them away from your home, get rid of standing water. Pay attention to how your lawn drains when it rains and assess any low spots as needed.

Myth 3: You Can Lure Mice with Cheese

If you have mice in your walls, baiting them with cheese is not the way to go. Foods high in sugar or carbohydrates are more tempting for unwelcome rodents.

Mice will nibble on almost any crumbs. But if you’re looking for the best mice lure, think before you reach for the cheese. Go with dried fruit, peanut butter or chocolate instead!

Myth 4: DIY Methods Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs multiply fast and can fit into very tight spaces. They can cluster in the folds of mattress seams and the joints of upholstered furniture. Female bed bugs can lay five eggs a day and produce hundreds of eggs in a lifetime. Because of this, do-it-yourself methods won’t stop an infestation. Only professional heat treatment can eradicate bed bugs.

Myth 5: Termites Are Part of the Ant Family

Termites and ants are two different families of insects. They also cause unique issues in your home. Ants can enter your electrical systems and damage your home’s wiring. Termites can destroy the structure of your home’s walls or flooring. While they aren’t related, you can treat both with professional pest control services.

Myth 6: What You Don’t See Can’t Hurt You

Just because you don’t have anthills in your living room or mice under your bed doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Pay attention to signs of pest infestation and practice preventative maintenance in your home. For professional help, reach out to us for specialized pest control services.

Texas Pest Control

Don’t leave your home susceptible to pests. Keep an eye out for signs of damage and other indications of pesky visitors. Seal cracks and leaks to stop pests from entering your home. If you already have a pest problem, do not worry. From mosquito swarms to termite colonies, Apple Pest Control has you covered. Contact us today!