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Stan Goodson, Owner

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Thank You From The Owner

“First and foremost, I give glory, honor and thanks to God for our success. I want to give special thanks to my dad for teaching me military principles such as honor, respect and discipline; My mom for always listening to me and supporting me; My wife Phyllis for sacrificing and supporting me from the very beginning; Pat Wilson who taught me about the importance of honesty and dependability in life and in business; My friend and mentor Pat Vankleef, who taught me the ins and outs of pest control; My friend and local artist Carolyn Piegrass, who drew the logo we still use today; Larry White – a friend and programmer who spent many hours in the mid 80’s building our pest control software; and John Massey- a friend and our first employee who set the example for future employees with his high integrity and dependability.”
– Stan Goodson